Baguio City... The City of Pines (Day 3)

Wow, days here at Baguio City seems so fast than normal! It's our 3rd day already but I think we didn't explore much of the city yet! Better start early then, we had our usual breakfast and get dressed in a hurry to go visit The Camp John Hay, Crystal Cave and the Butterfly Sanctuary!

Where to go first? Well it's not that hard because the locals will guide you to maximize your time. Just be friendly but yet cautious to avoid unnecessary arguments or problems, you'll never know whose willing to help or just trying to get something out of you! I'm nothing against the locals though, just being cautious I think =)

Enjoy =)

Don't be afraid to get lost, directions like this are scattered strategically within the area =)

Just another signage guiding you where to go =)

Need to observe the speed limit while visiting the camp, we went there on foot though =)

Thought it was Camp John Hay at first glance =)

A great advisory asking us to befriend the trees, better take some care while we're here =)

The Baguio became City officially last September 1, 1909 =) 

Can't decide right away where to! The family wants to visit them all =)

The Manor! Just like the sign says =)

This is what The Manor is all about! Didn't get the name who owns it =)

The Butterfly Sanctuary! Better see what's inside =)

My sister and my nephew are havin fun =)

Both Superman and Spiderman are havin so much fun at the park! They're so much younger than I've seen on TV =)

Next stop after the Camp John Hay, the Crystal Caves! Took us about 20 minutes to get there from the Camp =)

We need to get there below! Are you kiddin' me! =)

Yeah, I think we have to go down there =) My sisters are terrified at a moment but what the heck, it's an experience =)

Wow! The body aches paid off =) it's fascinating inside, it's pitch black though, can't see a thing =)

Enjoying ourselves but we have to go deeper in the cave =) waiting for the bats to frighten us =)

The guide told us that the stones are forming something but I didn't catch it! Better listen next time =)

I think the guide told us that this resembles a group of bats! What do you think?

There, a much better view! Those really look like bats I tell you =)

Yeah I know, it's the same shot! Well, it's of different angle =)

This one is like an old man's hat! Something like a cowboy hat if you ask me =)

Behind the hat-looking-image, there is an Octopus there right! I can't argue with them when they say it is =)

On the way home, I can't help myself but to take this picture =) The moon is really full! Aw, I really need a DSLR next time =)

What's for Day 4? Well, sad to say that that would be our last day here at Baguio City! Better think twice where to go then...

Join us on our

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