Is there a problem if your boyfriend was still close to his 'ex'?

You will decide if this is a close argument or a landslide favoring any side =) Read these comments from some of our friends. You can freely share yours =)

Yes! If I feel that there's more to their closeness than just friendship. I'd be so worried about their rekindling an old flame!
=) Rochelle, 23, call center agent

No! If I see that they're no longer sweet from each other. If my boy really at peace with his 'ex' shows that he has a good character.
=) Diana, 25, Gym Enthusiast

YES! This is very hurting knowing that they're still close to each other, his 'ex' might 'agaw' my boy!
=) Jen, 19, Student

No! It really depends if I'm his priority, I wouldn't mind it at all knowing that she's a part of his growth. If he decides about anything about his past, I would respect it.
=) Patricia, 20, Student

Yes! I'd like to think that it's fine but it's not! It's kinda hard to think that someday he might realize that he loves her more than me! I do really love my man, and I don't want to end up losing him!
=) Krissa, 28, Blogger

No! I really trust him and one time I saw his 'ex' she's 'pangit' naman so why bother.
=) Linda, Pre-school Tutor

Feel free to post your comments, let's see where will this take us. We might learn something from someone, or better yet, we can improve how we treat our loved ones =)


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